Food That Hydrates You

As we are entering the hottest month of the year, it can be easier to get dehydrated. Along with drinking water, you should also be having food that hydrates you! Here are some of the best hydrating foods: Pomegranates Watermelon Strawberries Pineapple  Cucumber  Plain yogurt Cantaloupe Tomatoes  Cauliflower  Apples  Oranges Lettuce Zucchini Bell peppers Broccoli Continue reading “Food That Hydrates You”

Harsh Truths You May Need to Hear

You have to let go of the past. Let go of expectations- of yourself and others. Go meet new people and see new places. You won’t always get what you give, it’s actually super rare. Stop judging- yourself and others. No one owes you anything. At all. Stop making excuses. Stop making assumptions. There isContinue reading “Harsh Truths You May Need to Hear”

“Your Trauma Made You Stronger”

Bullshit. Let’s be real about this. Trauma makes people traumatized. It can make you feel weak, angry, irritable, hopeless, and numb. It can give you memory loss, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, and sleepless nights. It gives you mood swings, nightmares, and other health issues.  Trauma didn’t make you stronger, you did. You picked yourselfContinue reading ““Your Trauma Made You Stronger””