Pets Lead to Greater Health

Everyone knows that a dog is mans best friend, but did you know that having a pet brings other health related benefits? Below are a few things that may convince you to adopt a furry friend to keep you company this winter (especially if you work from home).

  • Lower Blood Pressure
    • Studies show that dog owners have lower blood pressure than non-dog owners; When a person pets their dog, the brain releases “feel good hormones” that help you relax and also lower stress hormone levels resulting in a decreased blood pressure.
  • A Reason to Live
    • Having a pet gives life meaning; a pet is with you just a fraction of your life but to them, you’re their whole life and people take pride in caring for their fur babies. Theres evidence that pet owners live happier lives and are more trusting and less lonely.
  • Improved Productivity
    • People who can work with their pets have shown increased job satisfaction resulting in a lower number of days absent. People happier with their jobs are more likely to put in a higher amount of effort and are less likely to look for other opportunities.
  • Improved Communiction
    • Bringing pets into the workplace can bring people together as well. Animals are a great way to bod with one another and decrease tension between workers.
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One thought on “Pets Lead to Greater Health

  1. Great post – it is known that dog owner have significantly less risk of cardiovascular problem this might be easily explained that they usually walk their dogs daily and get in average more exercised or to lower stress hormones level due companionship.


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