Things You Need to Hear Today

Some days are harder than others. Here are some things you may need to hear today:

  • If you’re worried that you’ll be stuck in this rut, here is your sign it will get better
  • Trust your intuition
  • Not everyone and everything you lose is a loss
  • Some things that didn’t work out, really did work out
  • A healthy relationship should compliment you, not complete you
  • You have to know when to let shit go
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Start giving yourself the credit you deserve
  • Remind yourself that you do not have to be in control of everything
  • Do something nice for yourself today and everyday
  • Be proud of everything you have accomplished
  • If you’re scared to start, take small steps first
  • Release what has released you
  • There is so much waiting for you
  • You shouldn’t have to beg to be loved correctly
  • It’s time to declutter your space, mind, and time
  • Prioritize yourself
  • Be original and be okay with that
  • You are not a failure
  • You matter
  • Trust your own process
  • Someone is glad that you exist
  • Doing your best will look differently every day
  • Make things happen
  • Forgiveness does not require reconnection
  • We’re rooting for you

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