How to Stay Healthy this Fall

As the weather begins to change it is important to change with it. Fall is associated with cooler weather, leaves falling, and of course, seasonal colds. Here are some ways to stay healthy this fall:

  1. Take vitamins, especially C & D, to help prevent seasonal colds
  2. Get your yearly check-up
  3. Make sure you are up to date with your shots- including a flu shot
  4. Eat foods containing nutrients that help boost your immune system
  5. Keep your skin moisturized 
  6. Stay active by raking leaves, going for hikes, pumpkin and apple picking, going to a corn maze, etc.
  7. Visit a fall farmer’s market to get fresh, in-season produce such as vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potatoes), whole grains, and fresh fruits (apples)
  8. Partake in fall cleaning- sanitizing can help prevent seasonal colds as well as helping your mental health
  9. Take time to yourself when needed 
  10.  Remember to keep your physical AND mental health a priority

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