Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Boosting your confidence can be hard, especially if you don’t know where to start. There are easy tricks that will help you feel more confident quickly and easily which will lead to a long-term confidence increase.  Speak in a consistent speed People with a lack of confidence typically talk very quickly or very slowly. WhenContinue reading “Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence”

Haunted Hotels You Can Actually Stay In

Local Minnesota hotels: Palmer House Hotel- Sauk Centre This hotel has been around since 1901- it’s over 100 years old. There have been many investigations done here, including being featured on TV shows. There have been reports of apparitions, voices, and people even claiming they were touched by ghosts!  The Kahler Grand Hotel – RochesterContinue reading “Haunted Hotels You Can Actually Stay In”

How to Have a Cozy Halloween Night in

Don’t feel like going out for Halloween? Do you want to play it safe due to COVID? You can still have fun Halloween night by staying in! Here are some things you can do: Turn on your string lights  Light your candles Go all out with your decorations Carve or paint pumpkins Make “spooky” cocktailsContinue reading “How to Have a Cozy Halloween Night in”

Making Pumpkin Seeds From Your Carved Pumpkins

When you are carving your pumpkins this year, try saving the seeds to make your own fresh roasted pumpkin seeds! They are super easy to make and they taste great.  Save the seeds from your pumpkin  Wash them off  Let them dry on a towel Put the seeds in a bowl and add olive oilContinue reading “Making Pumpkin Seeds From Your Carved Pumpkins”

Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween Season

If you’re anything like me, you watch scary movies year round. There is something extra spooky about watching them around Halloween though! Here are some of my favorite horror movies and where you can watch them: Netflix- The Conjuring The Conjuring 2 Before I wake Winchester Eli The Green Inferno Death Note Hush Insidious ChapterContinue reading “Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween Season”

Most Haunted Cities in the US

New Orleans, LouisianaNew Orleans has many places that have been reported as haunted, which isn’t surprising considering the town’s history in slavery, voodoo, war, and more. There are churches, hospitals, houses, cemeteries, and many other places that people claim to be haunted. Chicago, IllinoisChicago has a rich history from the great Chicago fire, to mobContinue reading “Most Haunted Cities in the US”

Reversing a Negative Mindset

At some point, everyone has to deal with negativity in their life. What’s important is knowing how to reverse a negative mindset.  When you are consistently making negative comments or viewing things in a negative manner, it is hard for the people around you to stay positive. Unknowingly, your negativity will drain others of theirContinue reading “Reversing a Negative Mindset”